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  • Shanghai Souair Industrial Co., the leading air compressor manufacturer and exporter in china, authorized by the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation.
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Brief Introduction
Souair is a leading professional company in the field of mining and construction equipment manufacturing. We provide a wide range of drill rigs, air compressors, construction equipment, parts and consultancy services. Souair is well recognized in Chinese industry and rapidly expanding to the International market.
We have earned our well-regarded reputation and business strength through our emphasis on providing continuous investments in new research and technology to advance product quality and meet International Standards of Excellence. Our Global Services & Support Center is composed of professional and experienced team and staff who work to serve our customers and their business needs to their satisfaction. Souair staff possess a wealth of experience not just in the China, but also in the international market. A strong support center and high standard products are further enhanced by our management' s innovative thinking, and their dedication to maintaining the company' s position at the forefront of development in mining and construction equipment.
Souair Industrial Co., Ltd. of Shanghai is a company engaged in driving, open, hole, hydraulic top hammer drilling vehicle; rock drill, drill hole; piston-type, screw type air compressor,gas compressor applied research and development, production and sales services to professional institutions. Over the years, Souair Industrial adhering to the "important details, seeking efficiency, casting quality, create the future" business purposes, create a hydraulic drilling has become the industry's most complete product series, screw compressors the most abundant varieties of well-known enterprises. The company had high aspirations and persistence, the world wins courage in the world, with a good team to develop mind, remarkable statement in the industry.
      Souair Industrial has a first class high mechanical assembly, testing, coating line. Product encompasses six series over 200 varieties, especially driving hole drill car series, the mobile screw compressor, ahead of peers, representing the symbol of high technology. Mobile screw air compressor as "Shanghai New Products", the company developed its own full-hydraulic drilling by the National Committee by letter as the first Chinese equipment manufacturing industry areas of focus (set) products, the company is considered China's track style open-air car industry standards drilling unit. The company will continue to adhere to the "unlimited scientific and technological innovation, Pescod Driving Pioneer" business philosophy, science and technology as the driving force, quality of life and service for the purpose, to provide our clients with quality products, active service.

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